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On the Lifetime Care site, watch a brief video of my thoughts (and others) on Hospice.


Myriad Gifts: A Story Of Dying and the Gifts that Can Flow From That...

I entered my 92 year old father in the Hospice program on Monday September 28th 2009. The week preceding this I had struggled with the decision and made sure everything that could have been done for him, was. By the time I made the decision, with as much input and indication that I could obtain from my father, I was at peace with it, but almost felt as if I had waited too long.

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An Atheists Unexpected Leap of Faith

Please Note: The story called "Myriad Gifts" is really a prerequisite to this piece.

When I'm asked how I would "define myself spiritually,", I say I'm part atheist and part mystic. The atheist (humanist) part does not believe in a personal God that cares about each of us. The mystical part has felt that there is a power in the universe, a flow, as I call it, beyond our simian level of intellectual comprehension.

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