Power Networking

In 2002 I lost my spot in Corporate America and was forced to learn how to network during a national recession, concurrent with both Kodak and Xerox shedding veteran, middle aged workers in Rochester, NY like fleas off a dying dog.

My "outplacement advisor" at Drake, Beam, & Morin was woman named Patty Phillips, whom I respect, and Patty taught me how to network to the nth degree. So much so that I fulfilled my very ambitious objective then.

Many individuals helped me back then and, since then, I try to flow that assistance forward by helping others that have been "dislocated," especially in these extremely trying economic times.

There are three prime aspects to "Power Networking": Tools, People and the Law of Reciprocity, as follows:

Tools - 5 Steps to use LinkedIn (and more)

People - Business Associates, Friends, Family, The Network Beyond Them

Law of Reciprocity - Simply put, What Goes Around Comes Around

If you are unfamiliar with "networking" this information should get you off the mark quickly. If you are an accomplished "networker" you might find some value here and I'd welcome your feedback to further enhance this offering too.

"It's a real disconnect to assume that the way to a better life is something that happens only in good times." -- Po Bronson



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Law of Reciprocity