Ambitious Objective

My target after Genencor (March 2002) was to work for:
1. A small entrepreneurial growth company.
2. That was technology based.
3. Where I could be a key driver.
4. In the development and commercialization of a contributing technology.

This was achieved in Biocube, BIOREM and KL Energy. With each progression came an increasingly better fit, including the base technology (biofuels), my role (Business Development) and contribution level (Director). In conjunction with the above I have also done real estate rentals (5 units) and flips (7) through my LLC, photo-rejuvenation and anti-aging services and supplement sales through my S-Corp and when I worked for Biocube and BIOREM it was on a four day per week consulting basis through my S-Corp, so I could pursue those other business ventures and tap all the tax advantages of that S-Corp, which are significant.

This is all part of what I refer to as my "incremental entrepreneurship" plan. The objective is to learn from, and measure myself relative to, other entrepreneurial small company presidents, be a key contributor on the leadership team and test the waters myself, while mitigating risk to the degree feasible.