The Vitality Extension Pyramid

Large image of Vitality Extension Pyramid

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The marginal picture at the center (see graphic above) is my son Stephen and I after playing roller hockey. If you've read the "Mission" link then you understand that my son's well being is core to my mission. The picture is also meant to illustrate that I am still in relatively decent physical shape. I hope the shirtless aspect is not off-putting to anyone and plan to post a different picture in the future.

The pyramid itself is my own invention and is meant to illustrate the multilevel, ranked and integrated nature of a complete approach to Vitality Extension. The first two levels at the base are each individuals choice. At the third level, I've helped others with diet and exercise for years, but that is not my focus here. I prefer to leave that to the trainers that are now so prevalent in the gyms. Nor are the "Sleep" or "Stress Management" levels my focus. My value add is at the level of supplements (used as nutraceuticals) and hormones, as discussed throughout this website.

Next you may be wondering why there is a second inverted pyramid. This is meant to illustrate that when we were young, and our hormones levels were high, the other lower levels of the pyramid didn't really matter so much. We could burn the candle at both ends and get away with it. Ahh, wasn't that wonderful! I'm not saying these other levels aren't important, they are, especially as we age, but youthful physiological levels of key hormones may actually be the single most important factor to extending our vitality.

One aspect of aging is that as our hormones decline, the issues of aging increase: gaining weight and fat, while losing muscle, loss of energy, libido and well being, painful joints, ever more limited mobility and arthritis and heart disease. It may well be that as go our hormones, so goes our life. For women there is a precipitous drop at menopause, for men the drop is more gradual over time. The first step is to find out where you are now, with respect to the key hormone levels, and then consider your options. I can help with information towards this end.

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