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Anti-Arthritis or Joint Health, Preservation & Repair Options


With everything I've done in VE I always seek some sort of hard metric(s) by which to assess the results. When it comes to arthritis there are no better metrics than decreased pain and increased mobility and functionally. Read more.


Endocrinology 101: Hypogonadism in Men

Some basic understanding of endocrinology is important, for both men and women, if we are to take control of our health and vitality futures and have any hope of filtering through all the conflicting information and hype so rife in the media. Read more.


Testosterone Enhancement, not Replacement, a Real Example

Blood Test Results Analysis & Information
Client: X176

Table of Contents:

Analysis #1: Blood Collection Date 10/03/09

Analysis #2: Blood Collection Date 04/03/10


HGH Replacement: Costs and Down Regulation Risks

HGH Down Regulation Analysis

In this self-experiment I had the two objectives below:

  1. Determine how many IUs of HGH would be required to raise my IGF-1 level into the 300 ng/ml range.
  2. Determine if there is down regulation of the HPL (hypothalamus-pituitary-liver) axis and, if so, how much and how long it lasts. Read more.



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