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Amy, Age 44

I am a petite, active woman. I horseback ride 3-5 days a week, and am very active walking, hiking and running occasionally. For the past 5 years, I have needed to lose 10 lbs to return to my ideal body weight. It seemed that I was stuck with this extra weight in around my hips and waist. I had tried increasing my exercise, protein-only diets, restricting refined sugars and carbohydrates - all with no results.

After discussing my predicament with Steve, he explained the science behind his holistic approach to vitality and good health. This made perfect, logical sense to me. I immediately started taking GH Pituitary Support Day and Night Formulas. I take both supplements on an empty stomach. On days that I exercise, I take the GH Day formula right before I exercise. On days that I don't exercise I take the GH Day formula in the morning on an empty stomach. I take the Night Formula just before going to sleep each night. Those supplements, coupled with my (slightly) modified my diet of eating a bit more fish-based protein and reducing refined sugars has produced tremendous results. I lost the 10 lbs in a 3-month period of time.

If you are interested in achieving fitness goals, overall health improvement, a better quality of life, I would recommend working with Steve. He is understanding, caring, knowledgeable and professional.

Joe Mull, Age 47 (available for discussion upon request)

I've used Steve's protocol and supplements for anti-arthritis (joint health) and growth hormone release, as well as purchased my whey protein from him for years and I'm 47 now. When I first approached Steve I was experiencing joint pain in the gym and decreased mobility as a result. I work hard with my contracting business, weight train and play basketball. Since using Steve's protocol and products I have been able to continue my weight lifting, basketball and work with little pain and good mobility. I also believe the growth hormone protocol and products, along with the protein, have made me leaner and stronger in the gym.

Liz Mull, Age 85

As many as 10 years ago my arthritis was getting much worse and it looked like I was going to need to have both knees replaced very soon. I started using the arthritis supplements recommended by Steve way back then. I experienced a decrease in pain and increase in mobility. The doctors remarked on how well I did relative to the pain they thought I should be experiencing. I think these supplements helped me delay my knee surgeries for many years and that is also why I'm not nearly as curved and crooked as so many of my friends. Recently Steve helped me with some supplements for congestive heart failure too. At my last appointment my doctor remarked that my heartbeat was strong, whereas before that I was declining.

David, Age 46 (may be available for discussion upon request)

I wanted to thank you for a service that is very much needed. I am 46 and I was having difficulty losing weight and felt a slight decrease in my sex drive. Reluctantly I went to my medical doctor who examined me and told me that I was getting older and the symptoms I was experiencing were common. He gave a prescription and told to see him as needed. I was not happy and wanted more information. That is when I met you. You told me your back ground on Hormonal Health and that you could help me understand what testing could be performed to give me more answers to find the cause of lower levels. I had the testing done by a lab and we had a consultation regarding the results. You were very professional. You explained the physiology of my hormonal system and how it related to some lower testing levels. You also took the time to let me know all my options to increase those levels and other testing that will help to put all the pieces together. I am looking forward to using your services again so I can make an educated decision on how to improve my hormonal levels. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their Hormonal Health.



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