Supplement Options and Ordering


My business is registered as a wholesaler with the LEF and there are two ways this can work:

  1. The best way, in my humble opinion, is if you sign up for the LEF annual membership ($75 and you get complimentary product up to that amount, as well as LEF magazine) through my business and order yourself directly with the LEF. You get member pricing (generally well below retail), free guidance and assistance from the LEF, can order direct in any quantity and the product is shipped directly to your home. I receive a small residual that does not impact the price you pay. This is one way the LEF markets their product. It is NOT multi-level marketing.
  2. If you do not want to pay the membership fee ($75) I can place the orders for you at membership price, instead of retail. All I ask is that you order a six month supply. This saves you the membership fee, paying retail price, and shipping costs, while saving me time in placing orders. It can work for both of us, although the membership fee is well worth it for the cutting edge VE information in the LEF magazine and support. My value add is ongoing, individualized, guidance relative to your specific VE Program and having filtered the enormous amount of information provided by the LEF.


Life Extension Membership