Mission Statement

My ultimate objective in all this is to maintain my health, fitness and vitality into old age, help others do the same and build a business out of it.

My goal, when my son Stephen is 18 and I'm 61, is to be able to play Stephen in a hard game of basketball, where he can just barely beat me. I want him to win, but to have to work for it. To accomplish this I need to extend my vitality/fitness and repair my right knee and shoulder, which I will do, one way or another.

I have guided my grandmother (passed on at 99), mother (passed on at 74) and father (passed on at 92) through what I called "the descent into decrepitude and destitution," over a 15 year period, from independence, to senior housing, to assisted living, to nursing homes, to passing on for all of them. This also involved the simultaneous descent from financial liquidity to Medicaid. This was a brutal experience for them and for me. I do not want this for myself, but most importantly, I do not want it for my son. Nor, would I expect, do you for your children.

I want to bring this "possibility" to those who are not able to pay completely "out of pocket," which the "anti-aging" doctors require. See "Experience / My Value Add," second paragraph.

We are at the very cusp of a new era, where we may well be able to bring insight and technology to bear to extend our vitality, a choice our parents did not have.


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