The Life Extension Foundation (LEF)

I have been a member of the Life Extension Foundation (LEF) since 1995 and purchasing my supplements from them since. Before I did so, I researched many "anti-aging  and supplement" companies. It has been reported that less than 60% of supplements purchased in outlets, have what is on the label, actually in the bottle. In 1995, with a friend working on a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Rochester, we tested multiple supplements, from three different and reputable companies at that time (LEF, GNC, Twin Labs), on the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). They all tested out well.

Next I did a cost comparison where I sliced and diced it every which way possible and determined that my annual costs could be significantly reduced by purchasing them from the LEF (probably because they are a non-profit), which I have done since 1995.

The other factor for me was that the LEF is also an excellent source of reliable, peer reviewed, scientifically based information/journal references, which I have dug into. My business is now registered as a wholesaler with the LEF and for anyone that becomes an LEF member I receive a small residual, based on your purchases, which does not impact your price. This is NOT multilevel marketing.

Because of all this, and the fact that I use the LEF supplements myself, I know the Life Extension Products well, and have built my offering based on them.


Life Extension Membership

If you choose to join the LEF, please be sure to tell them your doing so via my business, "HawkStar Vistas, Inc.," affiliate code #159913, or HSV.

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